Grass Sailing at Stirling WA

Grass sailing works

The weekend brought 25 plus knot winds from the south west which was ideal to test out the grassed area known as Stirling (Cedric st overpass between the Mitchell freeway and the Stirling City Chambers).

Four metre sails and standard tyres were enough to get to speed and at times it was hard to keep all wheels down. The grass did not seem to impede performance once the momentum was up, but when the wind dropped, the Blokart quickly followed.

The reserve is not cared for and is quite firm, with a covering of patchy tight knit cooch intermingled with some lush weeds. While the surface was undulating with some rise and fall, overall it was a rough ride with bumps and dips in the surface.

The sailing was otherwise enjoyable and proved that grass sailing on standard tyres is very feasible. It is likely that if PBC pursued a formal submission to the City of Stirling, that assistance to improve the surface could be negotiated. The search criteria for a similar surface will be a neglected reserve that does not get watered (not used for weekly sports), has a firm soil base and tight knit cooch or sparse coverage.
Of all the reserves in the metro area, there is more than one that will have our name on it. Members need to look around their neighborhood, and watch the wind forecast, so we can all go down and try it.”