Lake Lefroy Regatta Wrap-up

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This year’s Lake Lefroy Land Sailing Club Regatta saw a band of Perth Blokart Club members make the 700km pilgrimage to the hollowed ground of Lake Lefroy.

Blokarts were challenged in light and patchy winds by the Esperance duo of Chook and Greg in their “acreage sail” minis, with 8.4m sails. Wil Cuperus took third in the mini marathon, beating Andy Bates in fourth. An unlucky Dean Rundle gave away fifth when he bailed out just short of the finish, in frustrating and light winds.

The day before official sailing, winds had blown surface water across the sailing areas. It needed a wind shift overnight to clear the water but the ponds alongside the main sailing area offered the largest clear venue.

The short course racing started the next morning on a three kilometer, four sided course. Winds were patchy and shifting during the afternoon. Racing concluded Sunday morning with the Esperance duo also taking out first and second, followed by Ben Ashby from the LLLSC in third.

The Blokart team results were Wil Cuperus – fourth, Dean Rundle – fifth, and Andy Bates in sixth.

The inaugural sail of our new PBC member Daniel Tranter overcame some frustration with patchy winds on Saturday, but was in full swing by the close of sailing on Sunday.

Ken Weir brought along his new and superbly engineered and constructed “Y” frame class 5. After a formal launching, it tentatively took flight and Ken wound it up over the weekend with satisfying results.

With some 30 land yachts participating from Perth, Esperance and Kalgoorlie, The Lake Lefroy Regatta survived the shifting surface water with some exciting and colorful racing.

Thanks go to Paul Day and the LLLSC for hosting another very enjoyable event.