This page is for New Membership applicants.

Accepting this “PBC Waiver” option in inside your new membership form indicates that you have read and accept the Waiver below.


I/We the undersigned, for myself and my/our heirs, personal representatives and assigns, do hereby release and forever discharge the property owners and any other persons, firm, official sponsor, club, association or corporation from any and all claims, demands, damages, cost expenses, loss of services, actions arising from any act or occurrence and PARTICULLY ON ACCOUNT OF ALL PERSONAL INJURY, LIABILITY PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ANY KIND that I may hereafter sustain as a result of participation in any event sanctioned or sponsored by the PERTH BLOKART CLUB INC.

I fully understand the nature of the activity I am participating in and acknowledge the hazards of the said activities and voluntarily assume the risk to my person, property and the person or property of others.

If any injury occurs, I give my consent for proper treatment.

The participant is over eighteen years of age.

Perth Blokart Club Inc. 2016