A little about Blokart

In 2000, out of Papamoa, New Zealand, a new hi-tech 1-design class of land yacht was launched in response to making the sport more accessible to a broader demographic. The Blokart land yacht packs down into a car boot and is able to sail on much smaller areas than the traditional land yachts of the past.

Blokarts weigh 30kgs and use a range of sails up to 5.5m2. Blokarts are recognised internationally as a single design class which has two divisions. The Production division is an ‘out of the box’ standard and is the affordable entry to the sport. The Performance division has additional performance enhancing equipment including a carbon fibre mast and a pod (cover).

Over 12,000 Blokarts have been sold around the world and the sport continues to grow in popularity. The sport is not physically demanding and sailing experience is not required to be up and running. The challenges are the skills of sailing and the rewards are the exhilaration of speed.

The sailing spectacle includes tight knit racing and sailing skills that optimise wind and speed.

In typical Perth winds, speeds can easily reach 65kph.